Drainage is NOT Throwing More Money Down the Drain!

Drainage Solution - Bluegrass Landscapes
Many people don’t know they have a flooding problem until their homes are submerged with water. From there, they believe its something wrong with a pipe in the house. In reality, it could just be your lawn isn’t prepared to take on as much water as it does. Water is essential to your landscape’s livelihood, but too much will drown your plants. On the other hand, drains are easy to cover, so you don’t have a giant piping eyesore. We never want you to feel uncomfortable on your own lawn; our goal is to improve your motivation to spend more time outdoors. So how can Bluegrass do that?

Is Your Lawn Flooding?

There is a simple test that can be done. Dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water. Then, watch and time how long it takes for the water to disappear. Call up Bluegrass Landscapes and get our assistance if it’s longer than an hour. We will walk through your landscape, offer our knowledge, and set up a game plan. Flooding is an expensive type of damage to repair; you will save thousands by having your drainage system serviced. If you don’t have a drainage system, you will benefit greatly by getting one installed.

How Does Aeration Help Drainage Systems?

If your lawn has issues with flooding, aeration can help get the gunk out and start a whole new system. Air can get into the soil through the poked holes and improve the root system of your grass so it will take in more nutrients and moisture. Aeration gets all the old root systems and grasses that stopped growing to make room for new growth. Grass needs to be recycled every once in a while to get the old dead plant debris out so a new root system can take over. This will allow your grass to take in more moisture and allow your soil to produce more nutrients that won’t wash away.

Why Overseed?

Overseeding builds up grass systems and makes your lawn stronger. This allows the fresh lawn to appropriately take up as much moisture as possible to stay green and thrive. Overseeding allows for the proper amount of seeds to germinate and allows more blades to grow stronger. In addition, the stronger your grass is, the more likely it is to withstand the elements. The overseed/aeration process is a great way to make your soil healthier. When seeds don’t germinate, they get turned into more soil and create natural compost that doesn’t require being tilled.

Too Much Water?

After aeration and overseeding, you might want to check your drainage system if you still have flooding issues. Drains need to be repaired every so often, and when repairs don’t work, replacements need to be made. Most drainage systems are buried in the ground, so it’s cheaper and less of a hassle to get Bluegrass Landscapes to come out and check up on your system.

How Does Water Get Moved?

Drains are essential passages that move water from troubled areas to areas that don’t get as much water. For example, if your lawn has slopes or dips, water will have an increased risk of pooling water. Drainage systems make it easier for water to move from place to place as needed constantly. Unfortunately, your landscape isn’t the only place where water is an issue. The foundation of your home is a hotspot of water damage. Excess water can leak into your home long before you even know it’s there. The repairs for flooding can be super expensive if you don’t get your property surveyed for poor drainage before damage has already formed.

Hey Baby, You’re Just My Type

Are you knowledgeable about what kind of drain you have? Do you have a favored drainage system type? Bluegrass Landscapes can inform you about all your questions and give you more information you probably didn’t know you needed. The four types of drainage systems that are the most popular are French drains, channel drains, dry wells, and yard drains. Each is different, and all are crucial for your landscape.

Mulch, Mulch, and More Mulch!

Adding mulch to areas of your lawn that gather excess water helps with flooding. Mulch locks in moisture for plants to continue to thrive. Mulch is a beneficial material for your garden. There are many benefits to laying mulch down, and the best part is- that you can choose the color. In addition, adding mulch improves your plant’s reach for finding moisture in the ground. Flooding will most likely still happen, but it will take a lot less to get rid of the excess water.

Direct Your Drainage

You are in charge of the operation of your drainage system. It is your landscape, after all. So it’s vital to have Bluegrass Landscapes do the heavy lifting and installation. We have the knowledge and skillset to do it correctly and safely. Take charge before you get charged; flooding is costly and dangerous. Keeping your drainage system in good condition and adding flooding preventions to your landscape gets you ahead of the game, and you can help inform your friends and family.

Give New Life

Keeping your drainage system upon its maintenance allows your landscape a fighting chance to thrive through harsh weather. Of course, plants are meant to be outside and in the ground, but you can still help them further. You put a lot of time, energy, and money into your landscape; why let it get wiped out during the first rainstorm? Bluegrass Landscapes has your landscape’s best interest in mind. Drainage pathways can be covered up with plants that require a lot of water or gravel pathways that add more hardscaping elements to your flourishing landscape.

Practiced Pros Are the Best

Professionals skilled in drainage systems are best for the job because they know what they are looking for and how to fix problem areas. Bluegrass Landscapes are certified by Rainbird. We are the only landscaping company certified drainage installers in central Kentucky. That means we have done our homework, and we know our stuff. So put our knowledge to the test to get your drainage system back on track! Here at Bluegrass Landscapes, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. We might get one job done, but we will gladly keep coming back to help with more of your lawn care needs.