Convenient aeration installations in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfort, Kentucky!

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What is included in our aeration services?

Your grass can go from healthy and green to sick and brown in very little time; this sudden change is often a result of soil compaction that’s developed over time. If you suspect something is wrong with your grass or it’s not growing how it should, we’ll come to your property to take a look and schedule it for a thorough aeration treatment. Then, your soil will be able to soak up the sun, water, and other nutrients needed to make your grass grow!

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • We are very proud in being a full-service provider
  • Our team services both residential and commercial landscapes
  • We believe that communication should be one of the top priorities
  • You’ll discover our customer service is unparalleled in others
  • We offer free estimates to anyone interested in our services
  • We’re the only drainage-certified provider in Kentucky

What good does aeration do for my lawn or home?

Keeps your grass growing

You want a lush bed of green across your lawn – that’s only achievable if the grass grows properly. Our aeration services encourage new grass growth and continue encouraging that growth for many months without extra treatments!

Keeps the soil itself healthy

All of your greenery grows from the soil below – if the soil isn’t in good shape, chances are your plants and grass won’t be, either. Soil compaction is hard on your grass and will cause it to not cycle through nutrients your grass needs appropriately!

Other plants can benefit

If you have part of your lawn where the grass meets plants, aeration can positively impact them! If there’s an increase in sunshine, water, and oxygen going into the soil, those nutrients will trickle through the ground to the other plants which need them.

What are some things to know about aeration?

It doesn’t have to be done too often

While aeration is crucial to the health of your grass, that doesn’t mean it has to be done all the time! If your soil is doing well, once a year will suffice – if you haven’t had it done in a while, or it’s struggling, 2-3 times a year is enough to keep it strong.

Fall is usually the best time for it

In Fall, temperatures begin to drop so the soil isn’t too dry, and any lingering weeds start to die off. When the amount of dew increases on the ground this time of year, it also helps new grass seeds germinate and keeps moisture in the soil, which keeps the grass well hydrated!
Are you looking for the best way to upgrade your landscape space fully? Tired of watching your grass struggle to grow? Then, give us a call here at Bluegrass Landscapes, where customer satisfaction is our priority!

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