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What is included in our drainage services?

Water is one of the essential building blocks of life for your landscape – but it is also one of the biggest threats. Too much pooling water or poor water runoff can lead to diseased or dying plants and flood your grass, making it a mess! This buildup is an unattractive sight, and it can destroy the lawn you’ve worked so hard to build! So we install new, efficient drainage systems around your property where they’ll be the most useful, so your lawn stays healthy and beautiful!

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • Communication with our customers is always top-notch
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  • Only certified drainage installer in central Kentucky
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  • Our services are available to residential and commercial properties
  • We are a full-service provider

What good does drainage do for my lawn or home?

Avoids pooling water on your lawn

If your property seems to have pools of water on it whenever it rains, it could result from lousy drainage on your landscape. These systems will help avoid those troublesome puddles and keep your grass from getting flooded!

Prevents poor water runoff

Runoff is an overabundance of water running through an area that can’t soak into the soil. Runoff on or near your landscape can pick up/deposit harmful debris such as trash, chemicals, and more to other areas! Drainage systems help eliminate that as a problem for your property.

Protects plants and soil from over-saturation

Plants and soil need water – but too much can do as much damage as too little. Excess water oversaturates the soil and your plants, essentially drowning them. Proper drainage can drastically reduce the amount of standing water on your lawn, keeping your plants safe!

What are some things to know about drainage?

Egyptians created drainage systems

As far back as “ancient” Egypt times, drainage was created and is some of the first documented functioning drainage systems. Clean and healthy water was essential to that civilization, particularly in their purification rituals, and they’re some of the first to have created them!

French drains are the most common

While there are many drainage systems for your landscape, French Drains are the most commonly used. They were first invented in 1859 and are still widely used today – and what makes them even better is they only need a 1% slope to be effective!
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