Delightful drainage, landscape maintenance, and landscaping in Frankfort, Kentucky!

The city of Frankfort was initially founded in 1786 on the Kentucky River – the capital building was destroyed twice by fire but still retained its status. The area was a prime trading center for many crops such as tobacco, corn, and thoroughbred horses. Over time, they also began to manufacture automotive parts, clothing, bourbon whiskey, candy, furniture, machinery, and apparel! It didn’t take long to become a bustling place to live, and to this day, it remains a historic place to visit.

There are a lot of fun adventures to be had while you’re here! If you’ve got a craving for some spirits, you can check out the Private Tour of Kentucky’s Small Batch Bourbon Distilleries. You can get some pictures of animals at the Salato Wildlife Education Center – you may even spot some buffalo! There are plenty of historic sites around the city, including the Daniel Boone Burial Site and Frankfort Cemetery. It’s a beautiful place to visit, but even better to live in. We’re proud to offer our services to the lovely people of this community!

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your landscape maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • Our services include bigger landscape work, such as bobcat work
  • We pride ourselves on our top communication and customer service
  • We’re the only team certified in drainage installation in our area

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – water that sits on your lawn for extended periods runs the risk of attracting pests and ruining your landscape; we’re certified to install new drainage systems to avoid this issue.
  • Lawn Care – caring for the health of your lawn starts with taking care of the elements that help them grow; these tasks include aeration, overseeding, fertilizer application, and weed control.
  • Landscaping – your property wouldn’t be complete without beautiful landscape work to bump up the appeal; we can make this a reality through landscape beds, grass, and tree work.
  • Landscape Maintenance – maintaining your landscape is essential if you want to keep it in excellent condition; our team is ready to mow, edge, and trim your lawn to keep it looking good.
  • Sod Installation – old, dying grass makes for a very unattractive landscape and is sometimes beyond repair; we clear that out and install brand new, organic mulch to replace the old stuff.
  • Bobcat Work – not all landscaping projects are suitable for handling on our own, and we need more significant equipment; we’re also trained in Bobcat work to assist with jobs just like these.

What are the benefits of great landscape maintenance or landscaping?

  • Upgraded curb appeal and home value
  • Pets and children will be able to play and be safe
  • You’ll be amazed at the longevity of your lawn
  • You’ll be more inclined to spend quality time outdoors
  • Less like for your lawn to succumb to disease and pests
  • Healthy lawns contribute to a healthy environment
  • Less money or time will be spent on your landscaping down the line
Are you looking for a way to increase the health of your landscape? Do you want a landscape that makes you proud? Then, call the team at Bluegrass Landscapes, where the customer is our priority!

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