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The area in which Georgetown resides has always had excellent natural resources that made it beautiful and a great place to settle. Explorers arrived here as far back as June 1774 – some of the first being surveyors for George Washington himself! During this time, Kentucky was still part of Virginia, and those explorers were blown away by the sheer size of the Spring that resides there. Settlements were attempted in 1775, but an official community wasn’t officially established until 1783. This is where the first classical school of Kentucky was built, founded in 1788.

These aren’t the only cool things about the area of Georgetown; there are plenty of neat things to explore there today! Try the Georgetown Peddler’s Mall or Georgetown Antique Mall if it’s shopping you like. The Robert Clark Artist art gallery is always a lovely time, and you can enjoy all things horse-related at Whispering Woods Riding Stable and Old Friends at Dream Chase Farm. This community is fantastic to work for, and the residents are lucky to live in such a place!

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your landscape maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • We have core values like communication and customer service
  • Our services include certified drainage installation
  • Our team can offer less-common services, such as Bobcat work

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – water is necessary for landscape longevity, but too much can drown out your greenery in no time; we can install new drainage in your landscape to keep water flowing where it should.
  • Lawn Care – caring for your lawn includes helping it be healthier from the inside out; we can help accomplish this goal by providing weeding, fertilizer application, aeration, and overseeding.
  • Landscaping – a lawn is just a lawn until you have the work done to make it something new; we change your landscape with additions such as landscape beds, grass, and tree work.
  • Landscape Lighting – keeping the people in your home safe should always be the number one priority; we can install lighting in fixtures that suit your style where they’ll help you out the most.
  • Sod Installation – sometimes, the old grass on your lawn isn’t salvageable; in these cases, we remove any remaining grass and replace it with new, organic, mature sod.
  • Bobcat Work – landscape work often needs more help than standard equipment can handle; we use the bigger Bobcat equipment when the task gets too big for us to finish the job.

What are the benefits of great landscape maintenance or landscaping?


  • You’ll find yourself spending more time outside
  • The property value and curb appeal will increase tremendously
  • The lawn’s longevity will be increased
  • A healthy lawn can contribute to a surrounding healthier environment
  • Pets and children alike will be able to play a lot safer
  • Less money or time spent fixing up your landscape
  • Your lawn will stand up better to pests and disease
Are you in need of help with your landscape work? Looking for someone who can provide quality service? Call the team here at Bluegrass Landscapes, where the customer is our priority!

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