Lovely Landscape Lighting in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfurt, Kentucky!

What different kinds of lights are there?

Bluegrass can install LED lights that you can control with your phone. There are different designs to choose from. Choose from lamps to pathway lights. Many different designs can fit your home design. Bluegrass has excellent knowledge about light installation to light up your world.

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • We want to keep improving our already thriving business
  • We have a clear vision of where we want the company to go
  • You will be offered more services than just mowing
  • Our services are welcome to residential and commercial properties
  • We are a full-service provider
  • We are seasoned landscapers

What good does lighting do for my lawn or home?

Good lighting reduces tripping hazards while natural light is limited. Outdoor lighting adds an element of color to your landscape. In addition, you have the freedom to change the color of the lights with your phone. How cool!

Avoids trips to the ER

Have you tried taking the trash out in pitch-black darkness? It’s not easy, and it’s easier to trip and hurt yourself. However, having outdoor lights around your house will provide you with lights in challenging corners. So allow Bluegrass to install a lighting system today!

Prevents nighttime traffic

Landscape lighting can reduce the risk of a break-in. Motion detection lights will scare away any unwanted visitor if you have motion detection lights. We are experts at installing lights that enhance your landscape and you.

Protects plants and soil from hungry critters

Motion detection lights will scare off the hungry critters that come into your yard at night. Most raccoons and possums are nocturnal and have an open buffet from your garden. Bluegrass can help position lights in the more delicious areas.

What are some things to know about lights?

Lights are straightforward machines. They provide light when you need it most. You will have the freedom to change the colors as you see fit. It can be a fun and creative way to celebrate different holidays seasons and even reflect your mood. Lights can be a statement piece.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb

If it weren’t for this famous inventor, we wouldn’t have this fantastic piece of technology that has transformed our world as we know it. Even after the sun goes down, spending time outside is a luxury we can now enjoy. Let Bluegrass help you out today.

Pathway lights are super helpful

Bluegrass can install lights around your walkways, driveway, and patios. This will help you not misstep, trip, or come across any critters. Garden lights can be solar-paneled, so they don’t cost you electricity. They are also good for the environment.
Do you need a dependable landscaping company you can trust with the quality services you’re looking for? Call us today at Bluegrass Landscapes, where customer satisfaction is always our motivation!

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