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What is included in our landscape maintenance services?

Landscape maintenance takes care of different areas of your lawn that need to be trimmed, cut, and pruned. These areas include any hedges, grass, and anything else that tends to get messy. This landscape practice keeps your lawn looking neat and visually attractive – it also keeps that greenery growing the way it should be. Our team comes to your property, observes what needs to be done, and gets to work! We get whatever necessary job that needs to be done efficiently and quickly, without sacrificing the quality we promise to all of our customers!

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • We can provide full services to customers
  • Officially certified in drainage installation
  • Customer satisfaction is a crucial core value for us
  • Our customer communication is the best around
  • Commercial and residential properties use our services
  • Free estimates for everyone interested in our services

What good does landscape maintenance do for my lawn or home?

Encourages healthier growth

Your lawn needs attention if it’s going to keep growing the way it needs to. Your grass, for instance, is like your hair – it needs to be trimmed once in a while, so the new growth is healthier! The same goes for your trees, hedges, and other greenery.

Keeps bigger plants at a manageable level

Large hedges or smaller trees can add a beautiful dimension to your landscape, but when they get unruly, they become more of an eyesore than anything. Proper maintenance of these plants keeps them manageable, so they stay looking fabulous!

Helps in reducing risk of damages

Keeping your landscape maintained also helps to keep them protected from various damages such as disease and pests. This prevention stems from them being more robust, sturdier, and healthier than before!

What are some things to know about landscape maintenance?

It can be dangerous to the untrained person

There are many things you enjoy doing or can do yourself to keep your landscape where you want it to be. However, many of these jobs can be dangerous – trimming trees and mowing especially. More injuries happen during these landscape maintenance activities than anything else!

Landscape maintenance is growing in popularity

Landscape maintenance companies are becoming a popular career choice and more favored investment. About one out of four Americans hire lawn care or landscaping companies to help take care of their lawn!

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