Landscaping installations in Lexington, Georgetown, and Surrounding Areas, Kentucky!

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What is included in our landscaping services?

Your home’s image can be increased or decreased depending on what you choose to have done to your landscape. Green grass and the occasional trees aren’t enough to constitute a proper landscape setup. We can come to your property, survey the land, and start designing what you want your landscape to look like. After that’s done, we get to work installing your design and continue to keep it well-maintained after it’s all said and done!

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • Great customer service – great reviews on Google 
  • Being a full-service provider makes us very happy
  • We’re the only Certified Lawn Drainage installer in Central Kentucky
  • All new customers get a free estimate on us
  • Communication is key when it comes to running a business – we keep you up to date on the status of your project
  • Commercial and residential properties benefit from our services

What good does landscaping do for my lawn or home?

Upgrades the value of your property

There are many versions of home improvement to upgrade the value of your home – inside and out. Landscape work is one of the fastest ways to accomplish this, adding anywhere from 12%-20% in one shot, depending on what you do!

Allows for a better ecosystem

Landscaping offers a beautiful way to bring wildlife to your home that can enrich it for the long run. This wildlife could mean bumblebees, butterflies, and birds – they’ll all have a place to hide, sleep, and pollinate!

Promotes better health outside and in

Many folks don’t realize this, but having a better landscape setup can have significant health benefits for you mentally and physically! It’s been found to reduce blood pressure, improve memory and mood, lower stress levels, and boost your immune system!

What are some things to know about landscaping?

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Soil isn’t just soil

When you look outside at the ground, you may see dirt – but that dirt is a lot more complex than you think. Soil has six layers in total! It’s about 45% minerals, 25% water, 25% air, and 5% other organic matter.

Some plants grow too fast to keep up with

While every plant grows at its own pace, it is worth noting that some are way ahead of the curve. For example, there are about 45 types of bamboo out there, and it is the fastest-growing plant in the world. It’s been known to grow up to 90 cm a day!

Do you need a landscaping company you can depend on with the services you’re looking for? Then, give us a call here at Bluegrass Landscapes, where customer satisfaction is our priority!

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