Certified, communication-driven drainage, lawn maintenance, and landscaping in Midway, Kentucky!

Midway is a famous thoroughbred town. They have many horse farms and have successfully reared and raised many thoroughbreds. Horses require a lot of room, especially if there is a whole herd. With a lot of roaming room, it means a lot of property.

It’s a good thing this is a home for Bluegrass Landscapes. We ensure plenty of safety protocols are followed, so the horses and their people don’t get hurt.

Midway is a close-knit college town with a lot of rich history. Community-driven and happy people with many different paths that lead to success make this town a top tourist destination. To keep the community more involved in any events the college has hosted, the community is encouraged to join in the festivities.

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your lawn maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • We are the only certified drainage installers in central Kentucky
  • We always improve and value our communication with our clients
  • We offer Bobcat services and others that aren’t available anywhere else

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – standing water floods your Landscape and can damage your property. We make sure the problem is fixed so that flooding won’t be such an issue.
  • Lawn Care – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Schedules get out of hand, and we know what we’re doing, put your lawn care in our hands.
  • Landscaping – various jobs can be dangerous to do on your own. Please leave it to Bluegrass to ensure the jobs get done safely and correctly.
  • Lawn Maintenance – you put so much time, effort, and money into your lawn, let us keep it strong and healthy for you. There’s no need to struggle; we are here to help every step of the way. We are your team; allow us a helping hand!
  • Landscape Lighting – adds a unique element to your property, and lights can be statement pieces. Of course, Bluegrass also values safety first, and light allows you to see through the shadows a bit better.
  • Bobcat Work – jobs such as grading and sculpting before a build are essential to make sure the ground is level. There’s nothing worse than building a structure in a sloped or hilly area.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscaping?

  • The value and aesthetics of your property will skyrocket
  • You will save so much time and money
  • Your lawn will look newer and refreshed season after season
  • We will make it harder for pests to stick around
  • The great outdoors can be shared and explored all without leaving your property
  • We make sure your lawn is safe for all ages- including furry companions
  • You will help keep our planet green and thriving
Are you looking for a landscaping business to help you achieve your landscape goals? Looking for a team, you can truly depend on? Then, call the team at Bluegrass Landscapes, where the customer’s safety and happiness are our utmost priority!

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