Reliable drainage, landscape maintenance, and landscaping in Nicholasville, Kentucky!

Kentucky as a state is home to a large amount of history – and that doesn’t fall short for the city of Nicholasville. This historical city was initially founded in 1787 by John Metcalf – the entire southern border formed by the Kentucky River. In addition, Wilmore’s Main Street is officially a historic district noted on the National Register of Historic Places. Nicholasville claims the first commercial vineyard in the United States, the first bridge over an open waterway, and more! It’s difficult not to be inspired by places like this, whether you’re coming for a visit or laying down roots. When you find yourself in this beautiful neck of the woods, there’s something for everyone to see and do. You could, of course, visit the many historic sites of the area or enjoy the natural thrills at the Wolf Run Wildlife Reserve. If that’s not your speed, you can try to hit a hole-in-one at Connemara Golf Course and the Thoroughbred Golf Club at Highpoint! It truly is a beautiful place to be, and we look forward to serving the residents here for many more years!

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your landscape maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • We do Bobcat work, which isn’t as common in our industry
  • We have prime core values: communication and customer service
  • Our team is certified in drainage installations

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – if you don’t have good drainage on your lawn, it’s more likely to become flooded; we are certified to install new drainage systems where they’ll adequately direct the flow of water.
  • Lawn Care – the health of your lawn depends on the work you put in to keep it in good shape; aeration, overseeding, weeding, and fertilizer application are part of that.
  • Landscaping – keeping your home or business looking aesthetically pleasing doesn’t come on its own; we can plan a design that works for you and get to work, making it a reality.
  • Landscape Lighting – safety is always a concern when it comes to your property at night; our team works hard to install stylish fixtures that illuminate the best areas of your lawn to keep you safe.
  • Sod Installation – old grass that’s not growing and looks barren is no good; our team ensures none of the old stuff is leftover then installs new, mature sod, creating a lush green carpet.
  • Bobcat Work – some jobs get too big for standard equipment and need to be done by bigger machines; we’re trained in Bobcat work when the landscape we’re working on calls for it.

What are the benefits of great landscape maintenance or landscaping?

  • Your lawn will be less likely to be damaged by disease and pests
  • Less time or money spent taking care of your landscape
  • The environment will be healthier due to your lawn being healthier
  • Pets and kids are much safer to play in the yard
  • You’ll want to spend more quality time outside
  • The whole value and curb appeal of your home will skyrocket
  • Your landscape will have a much longer lifespan
Are you looking for a better way to achieve your landscape goals? Are you tired of having landscape troubles? Then, call the team at Bluegrass Landscapes, where the customer is our priority!

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