Super drainage, lawn maintenance, and landscaping in Shelbyville, Kentucky!

Shelbyville is known as the “Saddlebred Capital of the World.” They are home to over 80 saddle-horse farms. These horses are different from thoroughbreds because they are for pleasure riding, not so much racing.

Horseback riding isn’t the only fun activity you can enjoy in this rural community. You can enjoy a southern hospitality dinner and enjoy some wine tasting. Maybe grab an antique or two before you leave.

Get out to the water and enjoy a day on the lake or at the marina. Water has always been a calming element. Animals of all kinds are attracted to water, and maybe you will spot some local wildlife coming up for a drink or a fish. Never know until you go exploring.

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your lawn maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • We’re the only certified drainage installer in central Kentucky
  • We are proud of our constant communication with our clients
  • We accept the challenge of heavy-duty jobs with the use of Bobcat machines.

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – moving excess water is essential to ensure your plants are only getting the water they need and not a drop more.
  • Lawn Care – improves the health of air and water pollution. You make the earth smile a little more with each appointment you make with us.
  • Landscaping – not only does your neighborhood appreciate looking at your beautiful lawn, but you will too.
  • Landscaping is a relaxing escape from all the hustle and bustle.
  • Lawn Maintenance – now that you have that beautiful landscape, leave it up to us to maintain it.
  • Landscape Lighting – add special effects to your landscape with something as simple as lights. We can even show you how to program them in different colors and have them move to the beat of the music.
  • Sod Installation – let us get our hands dirty, and you enjoy the fresh grass. Sod allows the root system of your grass to grow stronger and thicker.
  • Bobcat Work – Bluegrass may not be construction workers, but Bobcat machines allow us to get the heavy lifting jobs done. We strive to finish the job and do it in a quality way.
  • Snow and Ice Management – put your safety in our hands, and we will clear away all slipping hazards so you can travel safely.

What are the benefits of expert lawn maintenance and landscaping?

  • Your home and curbside value and appeal will skyrocket
  • We are a smart investment for your home
  • The longevity of your lawn will shine through every season
  • We stop pests and diseases in their tracks
  • You will be motivated to spend more time outdoors
  • Children and pets can play outside risk-free
  • We team up with you to make the planet a greener place
Need help setting realistic landscape goals? Don’t know where to start? Bluegrass is here for you every step of the way! Call us today, and we can get started helping you out!

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