Superior Snow and Ice Management in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfurt, Kentucky!

What does snow and ice management do for you?

Bluegrass makes sure your landscape is safe by reducing snow and ice risks. Snow and ice are significant slipping hazards. Bluegrass can help clear your hardscaping, so there’s minimal damage.

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • We want to keep improving our already thriving business
  • We have a want to help as many people as we can
  • You will be offered more services for all seasons
  • Our services are welcome to residential and commercial properties
  • We are a full-service provider
  • We are seasoned landscapers

What good does snow and ice management do for my lawn or home?

Snow and ice can damage your lawn and break down your hardscaping. You can salt your walkways to reduce slipperiness. However, when the snow melts, the ice underneath is exposed, and danger is present.

Avoid trips to the ER

Ice is slippery, and it can catch you off guard. Slipping and falling on ice can injure you pretty seriously. Having ice and snow removed from your landscape and hardscape areas prevents anyone from getting hurt enough they have to go to the hospital.

Snow and ice management prevents damage

Bluegrass can remove snow from your driveway and walkways before they develop cracks. It’s safer having the professionals clear snow and ice from your hardscaping than yourself. They are better equipped and are less likely to get hurt.

Prevent property damage by calling in the professionals

As important as it is to keep your driveway clear, it’s essential to keep your pathways clear. Anywhere that foot traffic is a good idea to have cleared. Ice can be covered up and hidden by snow.

Ice can sneak up on you

Ice is frozen water. When covered by snowfall and refrozen, it can turn into black ice. If this process happens enough, the patch can get bigger and bigger. Black ice is harder to see, which makes it more dangerous. Bluegrass is a team of highly qualified professionals that take that extra step to be as safe as possible.

Bluegrass knows their stuff

Bluegrass is certified to ensure your safety, safety, and the safety of others. We understand the risk of going out while there is snow on the ground. Let Bluegrass take care of you and your property.

Why DIY isn’t the best choice?

There are tons of projects that are safe to do yourself. Unfortunately, snow and ice removal isn’t one of them. The equipment is expensive, you might not know how to use it all correctly, and you still might slip and fall on the ice hidden under all the snow.

Do you need a dependable landscaping company you can trust with the quality services you’re looking for? Call us today at Bluegrass Landscapes, where customer satisfaction is always our motivation!

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