Beautiful sod installations in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfurt, Kentucky!

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What is included in our sod installation services?

While there are many ways to help your lawn and boost grass growth, there are unfortunately a lot of scenarios where your lawn is beyond that help. When situations like this arise, it’s often best to tear up remaining grass remnants and start with fresh sod. Our team comes in, starts removing that old grass, and can install new and organic sod ready to go! The sod we install is appropriate for your surrounding environment and provides a lush carpet of green almost instantaneously.

Why choose Bluegrass?

  • Our team is certified in drainage installations
  • We are a full-service provider for all of our clients
  • Our level of customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the business
  • Commercial and residential properties can receive our services
  • We proved the best in customer communication
  • We can provide you with a free estimate

What good does sod do for my lawn or home?

Provides cleaner air and cooler temperatures

A lawn with lush, healthy grass benefits those living in the home – and fresh, organic sod can give you just that. In addition, that new grass helps give them clean air and reduces the temperatures around your home and landscape!

Instantly beautiful landscape backdrop

Grass acts as the perfect, beautiful backdrop for your property and the rest of your landscape in general. Once new sod is installed, your property will immediately begin to look 10x better than before!

Helps prevent soil erosion

Soil erosion can take a beautiful landscape and turn it into an absolute nightmare in no time if erosion makes its way through. Newly installed sod provides a strong, sturdy “wall” to help prevent this complication from making its way through!
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What are some things to know about sod?

It’s immediately pretty, but not immediately usable

Sod immediately increases the attractiveness of your landscape, but that doesn’t mean you can use it right away. We highly recommend waiting at least two full weeks before allowing any heavy traffic on it. This traffic includes children/pets and maintenance equipment.

Dimming some of that bright light

Have you noticed there tends to be some glare coming off your lawn, and it starts to drive you crazy? With healthy new sod, you can reduce the amount of glare by up to 20-30%!
Do you need a sod company you can depend on, with the services you’re looking for? Then, give us a call here at Bluegrass Landscapes, where customer satisfaction is our priority!

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