Valuable drainage, landscape maintenance, and landscaping in Versailles, Kentucky!

Versaille is famously known for its vast rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. But, not just natural ones- there are many different farms and businesses, mostly horse farms. Versailles prides itself in its thoroughbred rearing, selling, care, and businesses as early as 1972! This famous small town is also proud to share its produce. They host u-pick crop picking for anything from delicious apples to juicy peaches. In addition, there are crops for different seasons, such as asparagus and beautiful plump pumpkins.

Why choose Bluegrass Landscapes for your landscape maintenance and landscaping needs?

  • We’re the only certified drainage installer in central Kentucky
  • Communication and customer service are our top priority
  • We accept the heavy-duty jobs that require a little extra, such as Bobcat work

What can Bluegrass Landscapes do for you?

  • Drainage – flooding is a massive problem for plants and your property’s foundation. Don’t fall victim to water damage when you don’t have to.
  • Lawn Care – aeration, overseeding, weed control, and fertilizer application are just a few ways we care for your lawn. We take pride in our lawn care practices.
  • Landscaping – our job is to make your landscape a reality. We will transform your property into the prospering landscape you’ve always desired.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Mowing, trimming, and mulch replacement are chores in your lawn care. We don’t mind the grunt work, and it helps keep your lawn looking healthier for longer.
  • Landscape Lighting – is the key to safety when the sun goes down and the moon is on break. Let us help you keep unwanted visitors away and keep you safe simultaneously.
  • Sod Installation – the grass is one of the most important aspects of a landscape. We make sure that it’s healthy and robust season after season.
  • Bobcat Work – sometimes even the professionals need help too. We can’t do all the heavy lifting ourselves, and heavy machinery gives us the extra muscle we need to make your property prosper.
  • Snow and Ice Management – some jobs need to be paired up. Snow and ice are significant safety-critical jobs that we take seriously. You don’t want a slip and fall on your hands, so let us care for you.

What are the benefits of fantastic landscape maintenance and landscaping?

  • The look and value of your property will significantly increase
  • You will spend less time and money in the long haul
  • The longevity of your lawn will surprise you more than ever
  • Pests and diseases won’t stand a chance with us around
  • You and your guests won’t want to leave your outdoor areas
  • Your landscape will provide a safer area for your children and pets
  • The planet will thank you for your contribution
Are you looking for experts to complete all your landscaping goals? Seeking a team, you can truly depend on? Then, call the team at Bluegrass Landscapes, where the customer is our priority!

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