Bluegrass Landscapes offers quality drainage, landscaping, landscape maintenance, and much more to the residents of Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfurt, Kentucky!

Aaron Rajchel is no stranger to the lawn business and has come to make a name for himself in the industry. They started initially before 2013 under a different name, but they went through a complete rebrand during that year. This event started propelling them towards a better future, and he’s worked hard to make improvements every day along the way. As far as the moves he makes in making a name for himself in his community, he’s not only another high-quality lawn business, but his business is also the only certified drainage installer in central Kentucky! Plenty sets them apart from their competition, and this is just an example of that. He’s dedicated to making sure his team is up-to-date on how they do their job, and his business can offer what people really need. In addition, his company offers a wide range of other services catering to the needs of many types of customers. Aaron Rajchel’s team combines hard work, skills, knowledge, and determination to create an outstanding output! He holds his core values very dear to him, including honesty, integrity, and communication. But, it’s not just him, either, as he makes sure his whole team holds to those values!

Tell Us More About The Owner

Aaron Rajchel, Owner Aaron is a businessman, and he knows what works for his business and what doesn’t and how to run one efficiently. That’s not entirely what he is at his core, however. He’s also a gentleman who understands the importance of life outside of work. One of his best traits is how much he cares for others. His family and all the critters he cares for can vouch that he’s a sincere, fun guy! Outside work, he enjoys hobbies such as swimming and offroading on top of spending time with his family, of course! He has a variety of critters at home, too, like turtles, cats, and a dog – which is quite the mixture! Aaron takes the time he’s not working very seriously, making sure to make time for his family. He has a beautiful wife of over 15 years and a little girl at home who loves him very much. He does a great job balancing his work and home life and will continue to do his best in everything he does going forward!

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